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EMF format Analog chip shapes

for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher etc.
as well as OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Adobe Illustrator

EMF format shapes for you to create drawings containing analog integrated circuits and similar support chips, including A/D, D/A converters, timers, oscillators, opamps, comparators, opto-devices, encoders, decoders, detectors and voltage references. Most of the common chips are included, the more esoteric ones can be added upon request, email us.

4 sample shapes:

Download and try out some sample shapes

Description Download File Size
Here are some sample EMF shapes in a zip file containing the sample shapes from our Electrical, Electronics, Electronics Packages, TTL, CMOS, Microprocessor and Analog chips shapes.

and here are all these sample EMF format shapes in a Word .docx file.

and again in a Powerpoint .pptx file.

and finally in a Publisher .pub file.


This software works with:

  • Any software that can read or import .EMF files, e.g. OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and others.


The current version is V1.0 dated 5th January 2017.


To purchase an instant download 24 hours per day please use the Buy Now button below to go to our buy pages which are all hosted on secure servers at our eCommerce provider, PayProGlobal. You can order by credit or debit card, electronic funds transfer, bank debit, wire transfer, purchase order, money order, PayPal, or via telephone, fax, or by post. The online purchase process normally takes just 5 to 10 minutes. Prices are shown below and you can save money with volume discounts and bundles. All prices are exclusive of local taxes where applicable. There are no hidden extras, no delivery charges, subscriptions, annual fees or anything like that.
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You will receive an email containing a download link and registration key. These will take you to a web page where you can download the software.

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EMF Analog chips
You will receive an instant download link to a zip file (size approx. 2.8MB) containing the 984 different shapes. The shapes need 110MB when installed. Just download and unzip the file into a blank folder.

buy nowBuy EMF Analog chip packages for US$10.00

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Megapack :- EMF format Electronics + Electrical + Electronics Chip Packages + TTL + CMOS + Microprocessors + Analog chips
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You will receive an instant download link to the seven .zip files (size approx. 28.1MB) containing 8130 different shapes. Just download and unzip the files into an empty folder.

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Please use these buy links for site licences, then use the Additional Offers options to create any discount bundle you require.
All commercial and educational/academic site licences come with free updates for 3 years.

Commercial Site Licence

buy nowBuy EMF Analog chip packages Commercial Site Pack for US$480.00

Educational/Academic Site Licence

buy nowBuy EMF Analog chip packages Educational/Academic Site Pack for US$240.00


The shapes are divided by function:
A/D converters, Audio amplifiers, Audio functions, Comparators, Current sources, D/A converters, Detectors, Digital filters, Drivers, Encoders/Decoders, Freq/Voltage converters, Music and sound generation, Norton amplifiers, Op-amps, Optical devices, Oscillators, Power control, Radio, References, Security, Sensors, Telecomms, Test and measurement, Timers, Transistor arrays, Video, Voltage regulators.

Supplied shapes

The device numbers contained within these shapes are:

A/D Converters

AD7572, AD7715, AD7853, AD7858, AD7896, ADC0801, ADC0802, ADC0803, ADC0804, ADC0805, ADS7804, ADS7806, CA3306, CS5335, CS5394, CS5396, CS5515, CS5520, HI7191, ICL7106, ICL7107, MAX132, MAX152, MAX153, MAX162, TL507, TL548, TL549, TLC1549, TLC5481

Analog switches

DG411, DG412, DG413, DG417, DG419

Audio Amplifiers

LM380, LM381, LM384, LM386, LM387, LM388, LM833, LM837, LM1877, NE542, NE5532, SN5532, SSM2017, SSM2142, SSM2143, SSM2165, SSM2166, SSM2275, TBA820, TDA2822, TDA7052

Audio Functions

AD633, AD8403, DS1666, DS1802, DS1804, DS1807, DS1899, HT8656, HT8658, HT8665, ISD1016, ISD1020, ISD1110, ISD1416, ISD25xx, LM1036, LM1040, LMC1983, MAX293, MC3340, MN3004, MN3011, MN3101, MN3102, MN3207, RC4200, SSM200, SSM2024, TC43CPR, UAF42


LM111, LM119, LM139, LM193, LM211, LM219, LM239, LM311, LM319, LM339, LM361, LM392, LM393, LM710, LM2901, LM2903, LM2924, LM3302, MAX931, MC3302


AD736, LM567, SG2524, SG2525, SG3524, SG3525

Current Sources

LM134, LM234, LM334

D/A Converters

AD421, AD1852, AD1859, AD7224, AD7226, AD7228, AD7391, AD7545, AD7645, AD7945, AD8300, ADC0809, CS4327, CS4330, CS4390, DAC0800, DAC0801, DAC0802, DAC0830, DAC0832, DAC1408, DAC8012, DAC8043, DAC8800, MC1408, MAX752, PCM1700, PM7528, TDA1310, TDA1312, TDA1543, TDA1545, TLC7524

Digital Filters



26LS31, 26LS32, 1488, 1489, 3914, 3915, 75172, 75173, 75174, 75176, 75188, 75189, 75452, 754410, DS8863, DS8963, DS75491, L293, L293D, L293E, L297, L6202, LD1403, LD1413, LD1423, LD1433, LD1443, LM3914, LM3915, LM3916, LTC485, LTC488, LTC489, LTC3783, M5450, MAX200, MAX201, MAX202, MAX203, MAX204, MAX205, MAX206, MAX207, MAX208, MAX209, MAX211, MAX213, MAX220, MAX222, MAX223, MAX225, MAX230, MAX231, MAX232, MAX233, MAX234, MAX235, MAX236, MAX237, MAX238, MAX239, MAX241, MAX242, MAX243, MAX244, MAX245, MAX246, MAX247, MAX248, MAX249, MAX481, MAX483, MAX485, MAX487, MAX488, MAX489, MAX490, MAX491, MAX749, MAX1487, MAX4427, MAX7219, MAX7221, MAX16804, MC1413, MIC502, MIC4426, SAA1027, STP1605, UCN5800, UCN5801, UCN5810, UCN5815, UCN5821, UCN5822, UCN5890, UCN5891, UCN5895, UDN2585, ULN2003, ULN2803

Encoders - Decoders

HT12A/B/D/E/F, HT640, HT680, HT691, HT6010, HT6014, HT6030, HT6034, HT6160, HT6320, HT6350, LM567, LM1893, MC145026, MC145027, MC145028, MC145436, RC2211, RF600T, TC35305, TP5088, UM3750

Frequency/Voltage Converters

AD654, LM131, LM231, LM331, LM2907, LM2917, RC4152

Music and Sound Generation

E510, HT2810, HT2811, HT2812, HT282xx, HT2830, HT2844, HT2884, HT3015, HT3421, HT82231, M602, M3720, MC34217, MSM6322, NE571, SMC0608, TTS256, UM3561

Norton Amplifiers

CA3080, LM359, LM13700


4136, 4227, 4558, 4559, 5532, 5534, AD544, AD548, AD549, AD611, AD620, AD623, AD711, AD817, AD820, AD822, AD8041, AD8042, AD8044, CA3130, CA3140, CA3240, EL2044, EL2045, EL2244, EL2245, HA5104, ICL7611, ICL7612, ICL7621, L272, LF151, LF153, LF155, LF156, LF251, LF253, LF347, LF351, LF353, LF355, LF356, LF357, LF374, LF400, LF411, LF412, LF441, LF442, LM10, LM12, LM101, LM107, LM108, LM110, LM112, LM118, LM124, LM146, LM148, LM149, LM155, LM156, LM157, LM158, LM201, LM207, LM210, LM212, LM218, LM224, LM248, LM258, LM301, LM307, LM308, LM310, LM312, LM318, LM321, LM324, LM346, LM347, LM348, LM358, LM360, LM607, LM627, LM637, LM709, LM715, LM725, LM741, LM747, LM748, LM833, LM837, LM1458, LM1709, LM2902, LM2904, LM3900, LM4250, LMC660, LMC662, LMC6082, LP124, LP324, LP2902, LT1001, LT1007, LT1013, LT1014, LT1023, LT1037, MAX400, MC1458, MC1558, MC1709, MC1741, MC3403, MC33078, MC33079, NE351, NE5532, NE5534, OP01, OP02, OP04, OP05, OP06, OP07, OP08, OP09, OP10, OP11, OP12, OP14, OP15, OP16, OP17, OP20, OP21, OP22, OP25, OP27, OP177, OP220, OP221, OP227, OP249, OP260, OP270, OP271, OP275, OP279, OP281, OP290, OP295, OP296, OP297, OP400, OP420, OP421, OP470, OP471, OP490, OPA177, SSM2275, TL061, TL062, TL064, TL071, TL072, TL074, TL081, TL082, TL084, TLC27L4, TLC27L9, TLC271, ua747, ua776


4N25, 4N35, 4N36, 6N135, 6N137, 6N138, 6N139, CNY17, CNY74, HCPL2631, HCPL2731, HCPL3150, HCPL4562, HCPL7100, MCT9001, MOC5010, SFH618, SFH628, TIL111, TIL112, TIL113, TIL116, TIL117, TIL118, TIL119, TIL124, TIL125, TIL126, TIL192, TIL193, TIL198, TIL199, TLP215, TLP216


3909, ICL8038, LM565, LM566, MAX038

Power Control

HT7470, HT7606, HT7704, MAX712, MAX713, SLB0586, U2400, U2410


CA3189, MC1496, MC13175, MC13176, SA602


AD334, AD584, AD680, ICL8211, LM129, LM136, LM185, LM199, LM236, LM285, LM299, LM329, LM336, LM369, LM385, LM399, LM3999, REF01, REF02, REF03, REF05, REF08, REF10, REF43




CS209, DS1620, DS1624, LM34, LM35, LM135, LM235, LM335, LM1830, OPT101, SE95, TC07xx, TMP12, TSL220


HT9170, HT9200, HT9201, HT9205, HT9212

Test and Measurement

ICM7106, ICM7216, ICM7217, ICM7224


555, 556, 558, 5555, 7555, 7556, HT2050, ICM7240, ICM7242, LM322, LM3905, LM3909, U6047

Transistor Arrays

CA3046, EP2015, EP2016, LM394, SSM2210, ULN2001, ULN2002, ULN2003, ULN2004, ULN2005, ULN2801, ULN2802, ULN2803, ULN2804, ULN2805


AD810, AD8013, AD9300, EL4089, EL4094, EL4095, EL4581, LM733, LM1201, LM1203, LM1205, LM1290, LM1881, MAX455, MF10CCN, OPA678

Voltage Regulators

7660, 7805, 7808, 7809, 7812, 7815, 7840, HV3-2405, L4904, LE50, LM105, LM109, LM117, LM120, LM123, LM133, LM137, LM138, LM140, LM145, LM150, LM196, LM305, LM309, LM317, LM323, LM333, LM337, LM338, LM340, LM341, LM345, LM350, LM396, LM431, LM723, LM1084, LM1085, LM1086, LM3578, LM7805, LM7808, LM7812, LM7815, MAX631, MAX638, MAX665, MAX666, MAX680, MAX743, MAX756, MAX757, MAX761, MAX777, MAX779, MAX877, MAX878, MAX879, MC34063, MIC34063, RC4190, REF01, REF02, TL494, TSM101
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