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Electrical shapes stencils and templates

for Microsoft ® Visio ® 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/Visio for Office 365, Omnigraffle Pro and ConceptDraw Pro

These illustrations below show
all the electrical stencils

electrical components stencil

installation switches stencil

JIC schematic switches stencil

IEC/ISO/DIN schematic switches stencil

process switches stencil

outlets stencil

power connectors 1 stencil

power connectors 2 stencil

lighting stencil

appliances stencil

fire and security stencil

automotive devices

motors stencil

relays stencil

power distribution stencil

power distribution schematic stencil

converters stencil

transformers kit stencil

winding symbols stencil

Visio shapes and symbols (US and metric units) for you to create drawings of domestic and industrial electrical installations, lighting plans, wiring plans, power generation and distribution, process control and fire and security systems. All the shapes have connection points at suitable locations. Use the standard Visio connector tool connector tool image to join the shapes. Some shapes have a right-click menu e.g. many of the switches symbols have a menu to select open or closed contacts (and the switch moves - you can use this to animate the switches).
All shapes have custom properties for manufacturer's data, part numbers etc. so that you can create BOM (bill of materials), parts lists and inventories using the standard Visio report tools.
You can use the transformer kit shapes to create your own transformers by combining and grouping the kit parts to suit your own requirements. You can also add appropriate winding symbols to indicate winding phases. The stencil "automotive devices" is included in both the electrical and the electronics stencil sets.
Here is a larger scale illustration of all the shapes in the electrical stencils.
If these are not the shapes you want then maybe you want Electronics shapes.

Download a free trial containing some sample shapes

Description Download
For Visio 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 - An installer file containing sample shapes from our Electrical, Electronics, Electronics Chip Packages, TTL, CMOS, Microprocessor and Analog shapes stencils.
a). This download is digitally signed for your safety and security.
b). Please ensure Visio is closed before installing these shapes.
c). Just run the downloaded installer. Shortcuts to the templates will be added to your desktop, start menu and the Visio start screen. The templates and stencils will be found under the category "Electronics sampler".


size: 488kB
Omnigraffle Pro and ConceptDraw Pro users and Visio users who cannot run the above .msi file: here are the files in a zip file containing the sample shapes from our Electrical, Electronics, Electronics Chip Packages, TTL, CMOS, Microprocessor and Analog shapes stencils.
Visio users only need this file if the above .msi file is not usable.

Omnigraffle Pro users - unzip the file, click each file and install in the stencil library.
Visio 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 users - unzip this file into the "My Documents\My Shapes" folder.


size: 202kB

If you are unsure about downloading and installing files then please read our download instructions.

Example Diagram

This software works with:

  • Microsoft Visio 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (any version) and Visio for Office 365.
  • ConceptDraw Pro on Mac OSX and Windows.
  • Omnigraffle Pro on the Mac and iPad.


The current version is V2.23 dated 9th September 2016.
To upgrade from an older version please contact us for an upgrade discount code.


To purchase an instant download 24 hours per day please use the Buy Now button below to go to our buy pages which are all hosted on secure servers at our eCommerce provider, PayProGlobal. You can order by credit or debit card, electronic funds transfer, bank debit, wire transfer, purchase order, money order, PayPal, or via telephone, fax, or by post. The online purchase process normally takes just 5 to 10 minutes. Prices are shown below and you can save money with volume discounts and bundles. All prices are exclusive of local taxes where applicable.
Use the Buy Now button for full international pricing.
You will receive a download link and registration key. These will take you to a web page where you can download the software.

Save money with a bundle:
Save from 15 to 40% by buying a bundle of our Electronics, Electrical, Electronics Packages, TTL, CMOS, Microprocessor and Analog stencils.


Stencils : 38
Shapes : 616
Download size : 1MB
Installed size : 10MB

Price US$20.00

buy now

Electronics +

Stencils : 110
Shapes: 1850
Download size : 3.7MB
Installed size : 42MB

Save 15%

Price US$34.00

buy now

Electronics +
Electrical +
Electronics Chip Packages

Stencils : 189
Shapes : 3010
Download size : 6.8MB
Installed size : 122MB

Save 30%

Price US$42.00

buy now

Megapack :-
Electronics +
Electrical +
Electronics Chip Packages +
Microprocessors +
Analog chips

Stencils : 546
Shapes : 8127
Download size : 44.6MB
Installed size : 1242MB

Save 40%

Price US$72.00

buy now

Please use these buy links for site licences, then use the Additional Offers options to create any discount bundle you require.
All commercial and educational/academic site licences come with free updates for 3 years.

Commercial Site Licence

buy nowBuy Electrical for Visio Commercial Site Pack for US$600.00

Educational/Academic Site Licence

buy nowBuy Electrical for Visio Educational/Academic Site Pack for US$300.00

Recent new/changed shapes

V2.23 Added AC/DC symbols and new converters
V2.22 Added automotive devices stencils
V2.19 Added new power connectors
V2.16 Added separate stencils for JIC and IEC/ISO/DIN switches
Added new relays stencil
V2.14 Added new switches
V2.13 Improved text resizing in some shapes
Improved templates
V2.12 Added horn sounder shapes
Improved US standard power sockets
V2.11 Added more power distribution shapes
Added extra lighting and outlets shapes
Added power phase lines
Added process push bottons
V2.10 Added power distribution shapes
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