Universal chemical formula shape for Visio

A stencil containing a Universal chemical formula shape. When creating chemical formulae there can be a lot of formatting with subscripts, use this shape though and make it easy. Drag the shape onto your drawing, don't edit the shape's text directly, but edit the shape's Custom Properties (Shape Data), enetering the letters and numbers into the shape's data fields. Whether it's a simple h2so4or the more complex ethyl ethanoate ethyl-ethanoateor butan-1-ol butan-1-ol

Description File Version Date Size Download Works with
Chemistry for Visio chemistry.zip 1.0 3rd September 2019 6kB Download now Visio 2000/2002.
Chemistry for Visio chemistry2.zip 1.0 3rd September 2019 7kB Download now Visio 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019.

chemistry stencil