Visio Plan shapes

All the Microsoft supplied shapes used on Plan diagrams have properties
I've never seen these properties discussed or documented, so here goes ...


Building CoreOrnamental stair3390
Building CoreScissor staircase3390
Building CoreStraight staircase3390
Building CoreSpiral staircase3390
Building CoreCorner landing3240
Building CoreStair landing3240
Building CoreStair direction100
Building CoreEscalator31738
Building CoreRamp3340
Building CoreHandrail33346
Building CoreCorner handrail33346
Building CoreToilet33187
Building CoreMulti sink33175
Building CoreMulti urinal33189
Building CoreMulti stall3463
Building CoreCountertop sink33175
Building CoreUrinal33189
Building CoreToilet stall3463
Building CoreWashroom counter 13820
Building CoreElevator31735
Building CoreFreight elevator31736
Building CoreWashroom counter 23820
Building CoreChute31933
Building CoreLoading dock300
Building CoreGuardrail33345
Electrical and TelecomLum. ceiling mount31250
Electrical and TelecomEnd ceiling lum31250
Electrical and TelecomWall light31250
Electrical and TelecomMulti-light bar31250
Electrical and TelecomDown lighter31250
Electrical and TelecomOutdoor lighting31250
Electrical and TelecomBatten floures31250
Electrical and TelecomModular floures31250
Electrical and TelecomOffice floures31250
Electrical and TelecomPull-cord switch31280
Electrical and TelecomEmerg. light31250
Electrical and TelecomEmerg. sign31237
Electrical and TelecomSwitches31280
Electrical and TelecomDimmer switch31280
Electrical and TelecomSocket outlet31259
Electrical and TelecomTelephone outlet32084
Electrical and TelecomStereo outlet32084
Electrical and TelecomTelevision outlet32084
Electrical and TelecomService panels31237
Electrical and TelecomThermostat31280
Electrical and TelecomCeiling fan31237
Electrical and TelecomHold open unit31237
Electrical and TelecomDetector31237
Electrical and TelecomFire alarm31237
Electrical and TelecomMain control31280
Electrical and TelecomGround31259
Electrical and TelecomWire connector3120
CabinetsBase end-shelf35102
CabinetsBase 13598
CabinetsBase 23599
CabinetsBase corner35100
CabinetsBase blind corner35101
CabinetsBase end angle35102
CabinetsPeninsula end-shelf35105
CabinetsBase peninsula 135103
CabinetsBase peninsula 235104
CabinetsUtility cabinet 135112
CabinetsUtility cabinet 235113
CabinetsL-shaped countertop3820
CabinetsWall end-shelf35114
CabinetsWall 135106
CabinetsWall 235107
CabinetsWall corner35108
CabinetsWall blind corner 135109
CabinetsWall blind corner 235109
CabinetsWall angle cabinet35108
CabinetsWall peninsula 135110
CabinetsWall peninsula 235111
CabinetsWall blind peninsula35115
CabinetsTrack end-bevel3820
CabinetsTrack corner3820
CabinetsTrack 45 deg.3820
CabinetsTray track3820
Walls, Shell and StructureRoom3470
Walls, Shell and Structure"L" Room3470
Walls, Shell and Structure"C" Room3470
Walls, Shell and StructureSpaces5380
Walls, Shell and Structure"L" Space5380
Walls, Shell and Structure"C" Space5380
Walls, Shell and StructureWall3440
Walls, Shell and StructureExterior wall3440
Walls, Shell and StructureCurved wall3440
Walls, Shell and StructureWindow3450
Walls, Shell and StructureGlider window34576
Walls, Shell and StructureCasement34579
Walls, Shell and StructureOpening3250
Walls, Shell and StructureDoor31074
Walls, Shell and StructureDouble hung31074
Walls, Shell and StructureDouble31028
Walls, Shell and StructureUneven31028
Walls, Shell and StructureOpposing31028
Walls, Shell and StructureRevolving31064
Walls, Shell and StructurePocket31072
Walls, Shell and StructureDouble pocket31026
Walls, Shell and StructureBy-pass31073
Walls, Shell and StructureBi-fold31071
Walls, Shell and StructureDouble bi-fold31025
Walls, Shell and StructureSliding glass31073
Walls, Shell and StructureOverhead door31065
Walls, Shell and StructureGarden window3450
Walls, Shell and StructureCurtain wall300
Walls, Shell and StructureWindow wall300
Walls, Shell and StructureSlab33743
Walls, Shell and StructurePilaster3654
Walls, Shell and StructureCorner pilaster3654
Walls, Shell and StructureBeam320
Walls, Shell and StructureRectangle column360
Walls, Shell and StructureCircular column360
Walls, Shell and StructureController dimension1460
Walls, Shell and StructureRoom measure190
Walls, Shell and StructureDoor schedule---
Walls, Shell and StructureWindow schedule---
Walls, Shell and StructureGrid origin1230
Walls, Shell and StructureGrid line1220
Alarms and Access ControlCard access31267
Alarms and Access ControlBiometric access31267
Alarms and Access ControlKeypad device31267
Alarms and Access ControlCard reader with keypad31267
Alarms and Access ControlCard reader with time31267
Alarms and Access ControlTurnstile31267
Alarms and Access ControlRevolving door31267
Alarms and Access ControlTraffic arm31267
Alarms and Access ControlVehicle loop detector31267
Alarms and Access ControlElectronic lock31267
Alarms and Access ControlExit device31267
Alarms and Access ControlCamera with keypad31267
Alarms and Access ControlCamera with intercomm31267
Alarms and Access ControlCamera with card reader31267
Alarms and Access ControlSecurity window screen31267
AppliancesRefrig 221162
AppliancesRefrig 321162
AppliancesBuilt-in refrg.21162
AppliancesChest freezer211120
AppliancesCooker 1211123
AppliancesCooker 2211123
AppliancesCooker 3211123
AppliancesWall oven211122
AppliancesStacked W/D211118
AppliancesCombo W/D211118
AppliancesWashing machine211117
AppliancesTumble dryer211116
AppliancesRefuse compactor211124
AppliancesVideo game21193
AppliancesFood cooler21162
AppliancesVending machine21192
AppliancesCoffee maker21115
AppliancesWater cooler21196
AppliancesWater heater3179
Bath and Kitchen PlanSink 133175
Bath and Kitchen PlanSink 233175
Bath and Kitchen PlanSink 333175
Bath and Kitchen PlanShower33169
Bath and Kitchen PlanCorner shower33169
Bath and Kitchen PlanCorner bath3316
Bath and Kitchen PlanBath 13316
Bath and Kitchen PlanBath 23316
Bath and Kitchen PlanOval bath3316
Bath and Kitchen PlanWall toilet33187
Bath and Kitchen PlanToilet33187
Bath and Kitchen PlanSquat wc33187
Bath and Kitchen PlanBidet33187
Bath and Kitchen PlanPedestal sink 133175
Bath and Kitchen PlanPedestal sink 233175
Bath and Kitchen PlanCountertop sink33175
Bath and Kitchen PlanBasin33175
Bath and Kitchen PlanDouble basin33175
Bath and Kitchen PlanTowel rack38161
Bath and Kitchen PlanMedicine cabinet 13811
Bath and Kitchen PlanMedecine cabinet 23811
Bath and Kitchen PlanTP dispenser3861
CubiclesStraight workstation22122
CubiclesL workstation22122
CubiclesCouncil workstation22122
CubiclesCube workstation22122
CubiclesL shaped workstation22122
CubiclesU shaped workstation22122
CubiclesPanel post22153
CubiclesCurved panel22153
CubiclesRound corner22197
CubiclesWork surface22197
CubiclesCorner surface22197
CubiclesWork peninsula22197
CubiclesStorage unit22178
CubiclesSusp coat bar / shelf22168
CubiclesSusp open shelf22168
CubiclesSuspended lateral file22168
FurnitureLounge chair22112
FurnitureCircular dining table22181
FurnitureOval dining table22181
FurnitureSquare table22181
FurnitureOblong dining table22181
FurnitureCircular table22181
FurnitureRect table22181
FurnitureLarge plant22158
FurnitureSmall plant22158
FurnitureHouse plant22158
FurniturePing-pong table22181
FurnitureGrand piano22149
FurnitureSpinet piano22149
FurnitureNight stand22181
FurnitureAdjustable bed2217
FurnitureDouble dresser22129
FurnitureTriple dreser22129
Garden AccessoriesWood fence7140
Garden AccessoriesWood gate7140
Garden AccessoriesWood post7140
Garden AccessoriesMasonry fence7140
Garden AccessoriesStone fence7140
Garden AccessoriesMasonry post/pillar7140
Garden AccessoriesChain link fence7140
Garden AccessoriesChain link gate7140
Garden AccessoriesMetal post7140
Garden AccessoriesRound stone7280
Garden AccessoriesFlagstone7280
Garden AccessoriesBrick pathway7280
Garden AccessoriesSquare stone7280
Garden AccessoriesHex stone7280
Garden AccessoriesConcrete pathway7280
Garden AccessoriesDriveway7280
Garden AccessoriesPatio7280
Initiation and AnnunciationMultiplex panel
Initiation and AnnunciationControl panel
Initiation and AnnunciationCPU
Initiation and AnnunciationKeyboard
Initiation and AnnunciationPrinter
Initiation and AnnunciationAudio device
Initiation and AnnunciationIntercom
Initiation and AnnunciationTwo-way radio
Initiation and AnnunciationDocument destroyer
IrrigationVar. circ. spray head
IrrigationVar. rect. spray head
IrrigationLateral line
IrrigationMain line
IrrigationDrip line
IrrigationValve key symbol
IrrigationBackflow preventor
IrrigationHose bib
IrrigationWater meter
Office AccessoriesSmall plant
Office AccessoriesPlant
Office AccessoriesLarge plant
Office AccessoriesCoat rack
Office AccessoriesTackboard
Office AccessoriesMarker board
Office AccessoriesRound waste can
Office AccessoriesTable lamp
Office AccessoriesDesk lamp
Office AccessoriesSquare waste can
Office AccessoriesPaper tray
Office EquipmentTelephone
Office EquipmentFax machine
Office EquipmentScanner
Office EquipmentTerminal
Office EquipmentPC monitor
Office EquipmentPC
Office EquipmentTower PC
Office EquipmentKeyboard
Office EquipmentPrinter
Office EquipmentTypewriter
Office EquipmentDocument shredder
Office EquipmentPlotter
Office EquipmentDuplicator
Office EquipmentDesktop copier
Office EquipmentCopier
Office EquipmentProjection screen
Office EquipmentOverhead projector
Office EquipmentProjector
Office EquipmentTelephone jack
Office EquipmentSwitch
Office EquipmentPower point
Office EquipmentPBX
Office EquipmentHub
Office FurnitureMulti-chair rectangle
Office FurnitureTable
Office FurnitureDesk
Office FurnitureMult-chair racetrack
Office FurnitureRacetrack table
Office FurnitureCredenza
Office FurnitureMulti-chair boat shape
Office FurnitureBoat shape table
Office FurnitureBookshelf
Office FurnitureMulti-chair round table
Office FurnitureRound table
Office FurnitureStorage unit
Office FurnitureRound corner
Office FurnitureWork surface
Office FurnitureCorner surface
Office FurnitureFile
Office Furniturelateral file
Office FurnitureFlat file
Office FurnitureSwivel tilt chair
Office Furniture2 seat sofa
Office FurnitureSofa
Office FurnitureChair
Office FurnitureDesk chair
Office FurnitureHigh stool
Office FurnitureSide chair w/o arms
Office FurnitureSide chair with arms
Office FurnitureStool
Office FurnitureSeat module
Office Furniture1-arm seat module
Office Furniture2-arm seat module
Office FurnitureCorner table
Office Furniture90-deg table
Office Furniture45-deg table
Office FurnitureSeat 30 deg in-module
Office FurnitureSeat 30 deg out-module
PlantingConifer tree A
PlantingConifer tree B
PlantingConifer tree C
PlantingConifer tree D
PlantingDecid. tree A
PlantingDecid. tree B
PlantingDecid. tree C
PlantingDecid. tree D
PlantingBroadleaf evrg. tree
PlantingPalm tree
PlantingConifer shrub a
PlantingConifer shrub b
PlantingConifer shrub c
PlantingConifer shrub d
PlantingDecid. shrub a
PlantingDecid. shrub b
PlantingDecid. shrub c
PlantingDecid. shrub d
PlantingDecid. shrub e
PlantingBroadleaf evrg. shrub
PlantingBroadleaf hedge
PlantingConifer hedge
PlantingPerennial border
PlantingOrnamental grass
PlantingPotted plant 1
PlantingPotted plant 2
PlantingPlant callout
PlumbingHeating / cooling coil
PlumbingRadiant panel (plan)
PlumbingHeater / cooler
PlumbingRadiant panel (face)
PlumbingTank open/closed
PlumbingWater surface
PlumbingPipe coils
PlumbingSink unit
PlumbingToilet 1
PlumbingToilet (side)
PlumbingBath (side)
PlumbingEnd view
PlumbingToilet 2
PlumbingShower head
PlumbingTowel rail
Walls, Doors and Windows
Points of Interest