Stencil Librarian addon for Microsoft ® Visio ® 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021

Stencil Librarian is an addon for Microsoft Visio to assist you with searching for shapes and cataloging all your own as well as the built-in Visio stencils.

  • Use the Edit Folders button to change the list of folders that you wish to index and catalog.
  • On the Edit Folders screen you can add and delete folders from the list, and there are special buttons to add Visio's built-in stencils folder (there are a lot more than you probably know of), and also the My Shapes folder which is the recommended folder to store your own stencils.
  • If you have Visio stencils from another application or you are a shape developer then use the Add Folder button to add these folders.
  • Save the list and you are back on the main screen.
  • Click the List Files To Be Indexed button and all the files in the folders will be listed.
  • Now click the Next button to take you to:
  • The Index Destination screen:
  • Output from this program can be a text file, an HTML webpage, or a spreadsheet (in Excel, Open/Libre Office, or CSV formats)
  • The output can contain not just all the shape names, but also the stencil's title and file name.
  • Each stencil's shape names can be sorted in alphabetical order.
  • If you choose to output only the shape names i.e. no stencil titles or stencil filenames then you can select to sort all the shape names into alphabetical order.
  • Visio stencil filenames can be marked with a _U or _M to indicate whether the stencil contains US or metric format shapes. You can select whether to include one or other or both of these in the output.
  • Now click the Create! button and a catalog of all the shapes will be created for you. As this can take a while a progress counter is provided on the screen. When the report is finished you will be asked to save the file (initially to any default location you have set up in the Settings screen).
  • Open the report file you have just created using a text editor, web browser or spreadsheet to see your shape catalog.
  • The Settings button lets you choose which formats of Visio stencils (VSS, VSX, VSSX and VSSM) will be indexed, and lets you set a default folder location to store your catalog reports (but this can be overridden when you save the output.
* In the unregistered version
  • only 1 folder may be added to the list at any one time. There is no limit in the registered version.
  • only the first 3 stencils will be cataloged. There is no limit in the registered version.

main screen Visio 2016

create index screen

The output from Stencil Librarian can be seen in which includes generated output in all formats, like the spreadsheet below ...

example spreadsheet

This software works with:

  • Microsoft Visio 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 (any version, Standard or Professional)

Download it now and try it

Description File Download Version Date Size
Stencil Librarian for VisioStencilLibrarian.zipDownload1.37th April 20221.4 MB
This software is digitally-signed. The download is fully functional but with the following limitation until you purchase a license:
  • only 1 item may be added to the list of folders at any one time.
  • only the first 3 stencils will be cataloged.


  1. Download and save the file
  2. Unzip this file into any suitable location e.g. create a folder under your My Shapes folder, or even put it on your desktop.
  3. Just run the file StencilLibrarian.exe


The current version is V1.3 dated 7th April 2022.


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Stencil Librarian for Visio

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