Home Automation shapes
Visio shapes stencils and templates

for Microsoft ® Visio ® 2013/2016/2019/2021/Microsoft 365 Visio Online Plan 1 and Plan 2

76 Visio shapes and symbols in 1 Visio stencil (in both US units and metric units, both in Visio VSS, VSX, VSSX and VSDX formats) for you to create drawings of home automation systems. Use the standard Visio connector tool or any connector from the connectors stencils to join the shapes.
This line of shapes is evolving and being added to rapidly at the moment. Early adopters will get free updates until the end of 2021.

Download a free trial containing some sample demonstration shapes

These sampler files contain sample shapes from our entire range of shapes.

1: Installer to be used for Visio 2013/2016/2019/2021

Downloadsampler.msi updated: 28th March 2021 size: 974 KB

Installation instructions

  1. unblockAfter downloading this software, look in your downloads folder, right-click on the file and select "Properties". At the bottom of the dialog box will be this message as shown to the right. Ensure "Unblock" is selected.

  2. This download is digitally signed for your safety and security.
  3. Please ensure Visio is closed before installing these shapes.
  4. Just run the downloaded installer.
    Shortcuts to the templates will be added to your desktop and start menu as Paul Herber shapes sampler.
    In Visio the templates and will be found under from the ribbon at New → Categories → sampler.
    The stencils can be found at Shapes → More shapes → sampler

To install the ZIP shapes: create a folder named Sampler in your My Documents → My Shapes folder and unzip the file into that folder.

2: ZIP file (VSSX format) to be used for Visio 2013/2016/2019/2021 and Online Plan 2. updated: 6th December 2021 size: 703 KB

3: ZIP file (VSS format) to be used for Visio 2003/2007/2010. updated: 6th December 2021 size: 783 KB

4: ZIP file (VSDX format) to be used for Visio Online Plan 1. updated: 6th December 2021 size: 847 KB

5: ZIP file (VSX format) to be used for other apps that can read VSX format. updated: 6th December 2021 size: 512 KB

This software works with:

  • Microsoft Visio 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 (any version, Standard or Professional)
  • Microsoft 365 Visio Online Plan 1 and Plan 2.
  • ConceptDraw Pro on Mac OSX and Windows.
  • SmartDraw.
  • Lucidchart Pro.
  • MyDraw.
  • Libre Office.
  • Omnigraffle Pro on the Mac and iPad.


The current version is V1.0.2 dated 2nd March 2021.


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Home Automation for Visio

  • Stencils: 1
  • Shapes: 76
  • Download size: 1.2 MB

US$ 15.00

Recent new/changed shapes

V1.0.2Mar 2021 Added connection points to shapes
V1.0.1Jan 2021 Added templates
Created .msi installers
V1.0.0Jan 2021 New product

This example drawing was created using these shapes in Microsoft Visio.

KNX examples

List of shapes within all the stencils.

 Extra Length
 Power supply
 Line coupler
 Push button, single
 Push button, 2-fold
 Push button, 4-fold
 Push button, general
 Temperature sensor
 Wind speed sensor
 Brightness sensor
 Movement sensor
 Current/Voltage sensor
 Shutter switch
 Clock switch
 Binary input, single
 Binary input, 2-fold
 Binary input, 4-fold
 Binary/Analog input, mix
 Binary input, general
 Analog input, single
 Analog input, 2-fold
 Analog input, 4-fold
 Analog input, general
 Binary output, single
 Binary output, 2-fold
 Binary output, 4-fold
 Analog output, single
 Analog output, 2-fold
 Analog output, 4-fold
 Analog output, general
 IR Transmitter
 IR Receiver
 IR Decoder
 IR Receiver/Decoder
 Binary output, 3-fold
 Binary output, general
 Shutter actuator, single
 Shutter actuator, 2-fold
 Time switch, 2-fold
 Sensor (Brightn., PIR), single
 Sensor (Brightn., PIR), 2-fold
 Sensor (Brightn., PIR), 3-fold
 Binary display
 Dimmer binary input
 Binary Input 3-fold
 PIR, single
 Lock system
 Circuit Breaker Alarm
 IR-Rec/Dec with 4-fold PB
 Switch. Act. mod. + PB single
 Dimming Act. mod. + PB single
 Shutter Act. mod. + PB single
 Binary Input module single
 Binary Output module single
 Power Supply + Choke
 Electrical Heater
 Binary output, 6-fold
 DCF 77 Converter
 Binary Output/IR-Rec.-Dec.
 Binary Input, 6-fold
 Blinds actuator/2-fold PB

The stencil