Sandrila SDL

Add-in for Microsoft ® Visio ® 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 (32-bit versions only)

Create your SDL, MSC, URN, TTCN, UML and UML2 diagrams in Microsoft ® Visio ® quickly and painlessly; even a beginner can create a diagram in just a few minutes.

Sandrila SDL can help you:

  • Create correctly formatted diagrams for all SDL, MSC, TTCN, URN, UML and UML2 diagram types.
  • Import of SDL-CIF (Z.106) and MSC-CIF (Z.120) from other SDL tools. (Pro version only)
  • Import of MscGen format files as MSC or Sequence Diagram. (Pro version only)
  • Analyse states in process diagrams.
  • Syntax check your diagrams.

We have supplied SDL tools and expertise for several years to many Blue Chip companies around the world. Based in Hampshire, United Kingdom, we take pride in providing good value and service to its customers.

SDL - Specification and Description Language
MSC - Message Sequence Charts
TTCN - Testing and Test Control Notation
URN - User Requirements Notation
UML - Unified Modeling Language

SDL is the standard for specifying and designing communicating systems, adopted by the ITU as standards Z.100, Z.109, Z.120, Z.150 and widely used for specifying and designing real-time and telecommunications software systems. SDL-2000 combines UML and SDL-96 into a powerful language for software design and specification.


  • Download it and try it out version (1.84 MB)

    After downloading, create a folder typically
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Paul Herber\SDL"
    and unzip into this folder. Copy the address of the folder that the software is installed to, start Visio and paste this path into the 'Add-ons path', 'Template path' and 'Stencils path' as follows:

    • Visio 2000/2002/2003/2007: menu Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> File Paths
      Now restart Visio. Sandrila SDL will be available from the File -> New menu
    • Visio 2010/2013/2016/2019: ribbon File -> Options -> Advanced -> File Locations.
      Now restart Visio. Sandrila SDL will be available from the File -> New menu
  • Example diagrams Download all 33 example diagrams (gif format) in one zip file (270kB).

  • For registered users only:

    Please contact us for the login address.

Sandrila SDL adds this menu to Visio 2000/2002/2003/2007:

added Visio 2003/2007 menu
and this to the Visio 2010/2013/2016/2019 Add-ins menu:

added Visio 2010/2013 menu

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Visio 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 (32-bit version only) (Standard, Professional or Premium).

Sandrila SDL diagram types

These diagram types are fully implemented in all versions.These diagram types are fully implemented
in the registered versions only
SDL PackageSDL Procedure
SDL System, System typeSDL Process, Process type
SDL Block, Block typeSDL Service, Service Type (legacy SDL-92)
SDL Substructure (legacy SDL-92)SDL Operator
SDL Macro definitionMSC
MSC documentTTCN testcase, altstep, module, function
HierarchySDL State, State type
UML2 Use CaseSDL State aggregation, State aggregation type
UML2 Object ModelUML2 Activity diagram
UML2 Class diagramUML2 Sequence diagram
UML2 Composite StructureUML2 State Model
UML2 Component diagram 
UML2 Communication diagram 
UML2 Collaboration diagram 
UML2 Deployment diagram 
UML2 Package diagram 
UML2 Interaction Overview diagram 
User Requirements Notation diagram 

Feature Matrix

Feature Unregistered       Basic             Pro      
All SDL-2000 diagram types and symbols Limited Y Y
All MSC-2000 diagram types and symbols Limited Y Y
Legacy SDL-88 and SDL-92 diagram types Limited Y Y
UML2 diagram types and symbols Limited Y Y
All TTCN diagram types and symbols Limited Y Y
URN diagram type and symbols Y Y Y
Optional colour fill Y Y Y
Extendability Y Y Y
Global documents text and shape search - Y Y
Diagram syntax check Limited Limited Y
Diagram link checking - Y Y
Process diagram state analysis - - Y
Process diagram state/signal cross reference - - Y
Export all pages as images - - Y
SDL-CIF (Z.106) import from other SDL tools - - Y
MSC-CIF import from other SDL tools - - Y
Mscgen import - - Y
SDL-PR and CIF (Z.106) export to other SDL tools
(Package, System and Block diagrams)
- - Y
SDL 2006 standards updates - Y Y


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SDL Basic

US$ 50.00


US$ 150.00

SDL Basic to Pro Upgrade

US$ 120.00

SDL Pro - Student license

US$ 50.00

Site Licenses

SDL Pro - Educational/Academic Site License

US$ 750.00

SDL Pro - Commercial Site License

US$ 1500.00

You will receive a registration key that should be entered via the menu "SDL -> Registration key".
The registered versions of the stencils will be sent to you by email.

Updates Policy

Once you have purchased Sandrila SDL you may download the latest updates (within a major version group i.e. V3.x, V4.x, Basic or Pro) at any time, your registration key will still work.

The Stencils

system stencil
block  stencil
package  stencil
hierarchy  stencil
UML package  stencil
HMSC  stencil
state model  stencil
MSC  stencil
process  stencil
MSC  stencil
URN  stencil
class  stencil
TTCN  stencil
Deployment  stencil
Object model  stencil
Usecase  stencil
component  stencil
Communication  stencil
Collaboration  stencil
activity  stencil
Composite structure  stencil
SDL/MSC/RT stencil

The extra stencils you get with the registered version

process  stencil
MSC  stencil
state model  stencil
TTCN  stencil
activity  stencil

Package Example

package example
Figure 14

System Example

system example
Figure 1

Block Examples

block example
Figure 5
block example
Figure 7
block example
Figure 8
block example
Figure 9
block example
Figure 10
block example
Figure 11
block example
Figure 12
block example
Figure 17

Process Examples

process example
Figure 2
process example
Figure 3
process example
Figure 4
process example
Figure 5b
process example
Figure 6
process example
Figure 13
process example
Figure 18
process example
Figure 20
procedure example
Figure 21
process example
Figure 22

State Examples

state example
Figure 16
state example
Figure 19

MSC Examples

msc example
Answer phone silence detect use case

HMSC Examples

hmsc example

SDL-RT Examples

HMSC-RT example
MSC-RT example
SDL-RT example

TTCN Example

TTCN testcase example

URN Examples

URN example
URN example
URN example

UML2 Object Model Example

Object model example

Hierarchy Example

TTCN flowgraph example