TTL logic

Visio shapes stencils and templates
for Microsoft ® Visio ® 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021/Microsoft 365 Visio Online Plan 2,
SmartDraw, MyDraw, Libre Office, Omnigraffle Pro, Lucidchart Pro, ConceptDraw Pro

755 Visio shapes and symbols in 139 Visio stencils (in both US units and metric units, all in Visio VSS and VSSX formats) for you to create drawings containing TTL logic chips, including the 74XXXX and 54XXXX series devices, all varieties are included, i.e the H, L, S, LS, F and AS versions as well as being suitable for the 74HCT00 family of CMOS replacements. If you want the 1, 2 and 3-gate (74x1Gxx, 74x2Gxx and 74x3Gxx) shapes then please look at our CMOS shapes.
All shapes have custom properties for manufacturer data, part numbers etc. so that you can create BOM (bill of materials), parts lists and inventories using the standard Visio report tools. These are all proper Visio shapes, not just images of the pin layout.

This example drawing was created using these shapes in Microsoft Visio.

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Download a free trial containing some sample demonstration shapes

These sampler files contain sample shapes from our entire range of shapes.

1: ZIP file (VSSX format) to be used for Visio 2013/2016/2019/2021 and Online Plan 2. updated: 14th June 2022 size: 762 KB

2: ZIP file (VSS format) to be used for Visio 2003/2007/2010. updated: 14th June 2022 size: 831 KB

3: ZIP file (VSDX format) to be used for Visio Online Plan 1. updated: 14th June 2022 size: 892 KB

ZIP file instructions

  • Visio Online Plan 1
  • Download and unzip the VSDX format sampler into your OneDrive storage.
  • Visio - all other versions
  • 1. Create a folder named Sampler in your My Documents → My Shapes folder and unzip the file into that folder.
    2. To make templates more visible within Visio please read:
  • Other applications
  • Please use whichever stencil format above works best in your application.
    There are some notes in the FAQ about installation.

This software works with:

  • Microsoft Visio 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 (any version, Standard or Professional)
  • Microsoft 365 Visio Online Plan 2.
  • ConceptDraw Pro on Mac OSX and Windows.
  • SmartDraw.
  • Lucidchart Pro.
  • MyDraw.
  • Libre Office.
  • Omnigraffle Pro on the Mac and iPad.


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TTL chip packages for Visio

  • Stencils: 139
  • Shapes: 755
  • Download size: 33.9 MB

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Electronics + Electrical + Electronics Packages + TTL + CMOS + Analog + Microprocessors

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List of all the shapes within these stencils.

List of all the shapes in these stencils

4 of the 139 stencils

TTL 7400 - 7419

TTL 7400 - 7419

TTL 7420 - 7439

TTL 7420 - 7439

TTL 74640 - 74659

TTL 74640 - 74659

TTL 7429820 - 7429839

TTL 7429820 - 7429839